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Daily Web Counter

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Premium account membership with gives your web counter a boost in terms of its capabilities. Basic membership through gives you access to a hit counter, available in 175 digit styles including an invisible counter that will keep a running tally on the flow of unique visitors to you web site, in addition to a tracking program that is able to create effective graphs and charts. A premium account will produce the same but also fortify your web counter with the ability to get more for your buck. With new and improved functions, your hit counter will further facilitate your market research in web traffic analysis.

Thoroughness is the key to building a successful marketing research program and has the expertise to bring this to fruition for you. Provided for your success are numerous types of categories that our traffic analysis programs can work with to generate the type of data that would best suit your research needs. An example of one function is the website counter being able to keep track of how many hits pages on your website are receiving on a daily basis. This information proves useful to on-line business owners because visitor fluctuations can be monitored from day to day giving you tangible statistics to use for comparison purposes.

One of the most effective ways to monitor your website's web traffic, signing up for an account on's premium account gives you a reliable way to get a leg up on your research endeavors. Take advantage of our 30-day free trial that gives you access to our free website hit counter plus our easy to install tracking program. A little copy and paste procedure will have you back on the Internet community., new and improved and ready to go.

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