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Get your Website Hit Counter here!

An exclusive offer at is our easy to install web hit counter that is able to track and record the number of unique visitors to your website with real time statistics and traffic analysis. Our free website hit counter is easy to install, quick loading and jut involves a simple copy and paste HTML code into your website. Our free web hit counter can provide your business with the means to monitor and analyze the hits that your web site receives and give yourself a clearer idea of where the your potential target markets lie. For example, our free hit counter would be able to reveal to you the country of origin in which your unique visitors are coming from presenting to you possibly untapped areas of potential revenue

The features and benefits of this free web counter and our tracking program don't stop there. 's website tracker comes with a program that is able to generate and display the results of the traffic analysis into easy to read, downloadable graphs and charts to better communicate your website's current popularity and hit count.

As proof of our confidence in this product, we'll be offering this web hit counter for free for a trial period of 30 days. During this free trial period, you'll have access to all the same functions and features as if you had a membership. This way you get to experience the full capabilities that has to offer in terms of monitoring your website.

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