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Get your Website Hit Counter here! has different levels of service to cater to those with differing needs. For those who choose to subscribe to their premium accounts, the web page counter performs a few functions aside from the basic ones. The web page hit counter now gives even more in-depth analysis then just reporting the number of visitations to your site of business.

Now available to users is the ability to track page views over time. Real time statistics can now be generated from the web page hit counters that can then be used to generate charts and graphs detailing such activity. From topics of measurement ranging from page views per day (for the last 30 days), page views per day (since creation), pages views per month (since creation), and page views per visitor session per month (since creation), you'll be sure to have all the resources to completely supplement your marketing research efforts. Overall, knowledge and understanding of these measurements will give you a more lucid picture of how attractive and popular you sit is to the Internet community informing you of how well your serving your target market(s).

Feeling like this is the right thing for you? Then feel free to try out our easy to install, 30-day free trial which gives you access to the free hit counter and website tracker traffic analysis capabilities to apply to your own website. You'll be happy you did after you realize the unlimited potential has to offer.

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