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Referral tracking has become an essential segment in conducting marketing research and has been amongst the first to realize and provide on-line businesses with a way in which to conduct this process efficiently and effectively. The referral tracking process gives companies a means by which they can reallocate their marketing efforts to the avenues that are receiving less attention and achieving lackluster results. Through referral tracking, a company will then spend less time and money on what is already working and transfer those funds to more promising areas of the business.

The program is easy to install and provides easily downloadable charts and graphs providing an analytical standpoint of the web traffic that has been frequenting your web site. The charts and graphs are easily readable and generate real time statistics in a wide array of topics generated from unique visitors at anytime you desire. On top of it all, the referral tracking feature is coupled with a hit counter and this is all offered for free for a 30-day trial period. Though it is just a trial period, you will have the same benefits as a real subscriber and be able to access charts and graphs, view your web counter, and reap the rewards from these fantastic products and services just the same.

Now is the time to take advantage of the endless possibilities and benefits that can be derived from just trying out our free hit counter and website referral tracking program. Upon signing up, all you would need to do is copy and paste a small amount of HTML into your web page and then begin experiencing the ease of marketing research like never before.

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