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Track Web Site Visitors

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Undoubtedly the most effective means to track web site visitors who fluctuate in out of your website would be to place a hit counter on it to keep a running tabulation of the unique visitors. have put together an easy to install HTML code that would enable website owners to do just that. All you need to do is a simple copy and paste procedure to place it into your own web page and, in a few minutes, you will be enjoying the capabilities of top market research methods.

In addition to our web counter, you'll find that our service provides you with the ability to track web site visitors along with being able to view your real time statistics in an easy to read manner through charts and graphs. The more popular displays are in bar graph form giving percentages that can be used to compare the performance of competing categories. These charts and graphs convert the data into a format which can be analyzed quickly and aid in the decision making process of one's business. Some of the topics that can be analyzed utilizing these charts include finding out what type of browsers, operating systems, screen color settings, and screen size choice your unique visitors are using. These points are worth paying for because this maximizes the amount of potential customers you can reach by ensuring that you can reproduce information that is configurable to their settings.

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