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On-line businesses everywhere have been clamoring for ways to improve their market research methods. has come up with a way in which customers can track the website statistics and analyze them in a matter of seconds. With the coming about of the website hit counter, monitoring web traffic could not have been easier. The website tracker that we offer keeps a running tally on the amount of unique visitor web traffic that comes into your website giving the owner a clear idea of how well their website is being received. The website hit counters come with the option to choose between 175 different digit styles for the web tracker including an invisible tracker providing much flexibility to meet style needs.

Not limited to just one function of simple tabulation, our website hit counter is also coupled with a traffic analysis program to generate charts, graphs, and world maps. The web site statistics are then displayed on easy to read diagrams that can track visitors and their activities in a multitude of ways. For example, one type of web site statistic that can be formed is one that tracks all the entry pages into your website, which means that our program will keep note of which pages users are being directed to from their search engines that gives them their first peek at your website.

Nothing could be better at supplementing your research methods then by getting started with We offer a 30-day free trial period that allows you to try all of our basic features from our free website hit counter and webstat traffic analysis tracking program with no financial obligation. Let us help you maximize your efficiency and reach new heights in your business endeavors.

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