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An integral part of the experience is finding a way to make their free website hit counter work for you and heir ability to provide web site tracking. Unique to their company is their web site tracking program allows them to monitor their unique visitors activities pertaining to their entrance and exploration of your website. With this information readily available to you, you can get an in-depth understanding of their activities and track these visitor's interest levels in your product or service.'s ability to display their data in easy to read charts and graphs provides an efficient way of conveying your performance and statistics. A wide array of downloadable measurements can call up to use as a rubric for a snapshot of their performance. Their uses vary in direct proportion to how relative they are to your current project and goals. Some of the more popular methods of measuring visitor activity on your website include monitoring their average connection time per hour which times how long it takes to establish an HTTP connection with your website. This rubric gives an indication of any future overloads since the values would go up as that problem becomes more possible. The flipside of this would be to measure the average downtime per hour and this would take note of any moments your site were not too be accessible to your visitors, subtracting from the 100% goal that is established from the start.

Just a few clicks away, you too can have access to your free website hit counter and web site tracking capabilities. offers a 30-day free trial period to get a feel for the wonders of the marketing research . With no financial obligation, all it takes is a simple and quick copy and paste of Javascript code into your own website to be on your way.

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