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Web Site Traffic Stats

Get your Free Web Counter here!

Only at can you receive the most complete set of web site traffic stats to meet your marketing research needs. Our program starts with an easy to install, highly configurable free website hit counter that comes in over 175 different digit styles, including an invisible counter to match the style and setup of your website. The website hit counter keeps a continuing tally of the unique visitors who come through your website from the time of its implementation.

One the website tracker is in place, the next step to achieving great web site traffic stats is to utilize the traffic analysis program that is coupled with the hit counter. The counters keep track of the real time statistics and then convert them into efficient and easy to read charts, graphs, and world maps displaying a range of statistical measurements and categories. One of the more interesting webstats that our tracking program can analyze is that of the click path of an individual visitor. The click path can be monitored via the visitor's IP address and then analyzed according to what order pages were viewed and the duration of stay at each one.

This hi-tech tracking program can be yours in a matter of minutes just by trying our 30-day free trial offer which will give you access to both the free website hit counter and the tracking program. Don't hesitate and get started towards achieving better business now.

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