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Web trackers and hit trackers have come along to expedite the on-line marketing research process and prides themselves on ensuring that they are providing the most up to date, easy to install products to monitor your website's constant fluctuation of unique visitors. An account with us gives you access to a website hit counter that keeps a count of how many unique visitors affect your web traffic. The web counter can be posted on your website with a simple cut and paste procedure, that does not involve any advanced knowledge of coding or script, and the hit counter takes over to monitor your website.

The web counter is also highly customizable with over 175 different numerical styles to choose from plus an invisible counter which can be placed on the website for those with discretion in mind, which are sure to blend in with the cascading style sheet design of most web pages. Easy to install and very reliable, the website hit counter is one of the fastest around in terms of retrieving up to date real time statistics.

With a premium account membership to, you are entitled to additional options and features attached to the web counter. For example, with a premium account the feature is now enabled where a user can keep track of how many times certain pages have been viewed and the duration of how much time was spent viewing these web pages. This data gives the website owner a general knowledge of which pages are drawing visitors attention and if they are putting the most important information on those pages. is confident you will have a positive experience with or web site hit counter and tracking program. As it is, we offer a 30-day free trial package, which would give you exposure to all the elements of the product. Once you get a feel for what this free website hit counter and traffic analysis program can do for you, you will wonder how you ever did without it.

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