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The need for efficient methods of website traffic tracking and monitoring has become a necessity for online sites dealing in commerce, business, politics, etc. Web site owners need proof that their marketing efforts are not for naught and are contributing to fostering the growth of their business. Luckily for them, has just what they need to solver their website traffic tracking and monitoring needs. has developed the use of an effective website hit counter who's functions range from merely keeping a running tally on the visitors who frequent your website to converting these statistics through a traffic analysis program. The web counter is extremely reliable and easy to install with a simple copy and paste of HTML code into your own website. With over 175 digital styles to choose from plus an invisible counter, there's enough cosmetic variety to satisfy just about anybody's taste.

With a premium membership account under, our basic website hit counter does more for you in terms of website traffic tracking and monitoring. Our hit counter will also keep track of important statistical information such as the amount of page views over time like the page views per visitor. This is extensively done by monitoring individual IP addresses and following the activity of their sessions. This is no doubt the culmination of on-line marketing research.

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